Heaven's View Baptist Church
A Church For "The City Under The Stars"


"Inward Focus" Objectives

A.  Spiritual Growth
     1.  To challenge and encourage women to read, study, meditate, and memorize God's Work and to apply it to their daily living.
     2. To encourage devotion to Christ through personal and corporate times of worship and prayer.
     3.  To establish and challenge women to continue growing in their faith and through personal discipleship. 

B.  Personal Growth
     1.  To affirm the various stages and roles of women and give opportunities for learning basic life-skills to aid in their development.
     2.  To provide opportunities for women to develop new friendships and strengthen already existing ones.
     3.  To provide opportunities for women to grow in areas relating to physical well being.

C.  Emotional Growth
     1.  To create an atmosphere of unity and understanding by encouraging a visible, continuing, demonstration of God's love and acceptance towards each woman.

"Outward Focus" Objectives

A.  Evangelism
     1. To establish ministries that will reach people in our communities for Christ.
     2.  To challenge women to become actively involved in reaching out to bring others to Christ.
     3.  To encourage hospitality as a vehicle for outreach. 

B.  Missions
     1.  To inform and educate women about home and world missions.
     2.  To challenge and involve women in intercessory prayer for the global work of the Holy Spirit.
     3.  To educate women and involve women in supporting our church's home and foreign missionaries.

C.  Service
     1.  To involve women in ministering appropriately to the special needs of people within our fellowship and local communities. 
     2.  To encourage women to discover and use their spiritual gifts for the cause of Christ in the local church and community.
     3.  To challenge women to become involved in the social concerns of the community in obedience to Christ.