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Why Do You Worship the Lord?

Posted by  Secretary  Aug 1, 2016

Why do you worship the Lord? What motivates you to come to church or to put sinful things aside in your life?

Many people in the world worship God out of fear. The motivation behind their religion is to try and achieve a " worthiness" of salvation. They are convinced that in the end their good deeds are going to be weighed against their bad deeds and therefore they are fearful everyday about where they well spend eternity.

Other folks serve God out of tradition. Their family has done certain things for so long in the name of religion that now worship is simply a hollow act with no thought of who is being worshipped. There is no power to change and no hope for eternity.

The Bible tells us in Psalm 145:3, " Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable. "

From this great verse we can see why and who we are to worship. If you are coming to church to somehow gain favor with God so that He will save you, or if you are here simply because you have been told you are supposed to go to church but you have no understanding of why, don't leave here today without coming to an understanding of the Lord's worthiness of praise. He died for you on Calvary to pay for your sins. Won't you trust Him as your Saviour today? Then you will understand who we worship and why He is worthy to be praised!