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Valentine's Day

Posted by  admin  Feb 8, 2015

When we speak of love, we often only speak about loving someone or someone loving us. An interesting thing to note about love is that many people know the definition, but few know how to describe it.

Love could be defined as affection, admiration, or even passion.  Many songs have been sung and books written that speak of the physical definition of love.  Let's try and take a closer look at the description of  love for just a few moments.  First off, we can't make someone love us, love has to be given.  Only an unprovoked and willing contributor can share love.  No one can make someone else love them.  Asking an individual to love you may satisfy your mind, but you will always wonder if that love is real since it was spurred on by your asking.  Secondly, since you can't force love to happen, you can't accurately predict the process of love.  An unprovoked contributor of love brings about unpredictable results.  What we wish for sometimes in love doesn't even compare to the blessings we receive. Finally, when you hear the phrase "love hurts", realize that all too often it is speaking about the pain that is felt by those that love us, not the pain we feel when things don't go our way. If we only knew what those that love us have gone through wile continuing to care and sacrifice for us, we may finally begin to understand how to describe love.

In Hebrews 12:2, the Bible gives us a very real, yet sobering description of love. "Looking unto Jesus" points our eyes in the right direction. "Endured the cross, despising the shame" gives us the price that was paid and the pain that was borne so that we could know we are loved. "And is set down at the right hand of the throne of God" proves the results that we never could have imagined.

Truthfully, there is not a word that accurately describes God's love for us. That is why in John 3:16 the Bible simply declares "For God So loved..."

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                                                                                                            Pastor Darrel Roe