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"Thank You"

Posted by  admin  Mar 1, 2015

Two simple words that often carry more meaning than can be expressed by language. They may be spoken in gratitude for a fit that was given or in appreciation of a service rendered. It may be used as more of a habit without any thought whatsoever, or it may express deep emotional relief.

Sometimes, however, the meaning by the person speaking may ot truly be understood by those within ear shot. On the other hand, the recipient may get a real blessing when they realize that someone took the time to personally recognize them.

Regardless of the application, the truth is that these words do make a difference in a persons life, whether in the past or present.

So, the next time someone makes a difference in you life or you want to brighten someone else's day; a heart felt "Thank You" may mean more than you realize.

                                                                                               Saved to Serve,
                                                                                                        Pastor Darrell Roe