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Prayer Changes Things

Posted by  Secretary  Aug 14, 2016

Prayer Changes Things
" Pray without ceasing."
I Thessalonians 5:17

We have in the Bible this command to the New Testament Church to " Pray without ceasing." Why would Christ ask us to place such an emphasis on something that others care nothing about? and who are we supposed to pray to anyways?

If you and I will read our Bible we can see one example after another of how prayer changes things. Consider Daniel and his daily prayers which God used to spare his life but also showed God's power to an entire nation. What about Hezekiah and his prayer for God to extend to his life? God gave him fifteen more years. And of course we must speak of the repentant prayer of a sinner. Every soul that comes to Christ asking in prayer for their sins to be forgiven is cleansed and made new. What a tremendous source of power we have in prayer!

What in your life is weighing you down? What are you burdened about? Each of our lives take a different turn each day. There is only one that has the knowledge and power to personally intercede for each of us individually, Jesus Christ Himself! Would you be willing to go to God today, and through the blood of Christ, by faith ask Him into your heart? If you do, you will know for yourself that prayer truly changes things! May God Bless.