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Posted by  Secretary  Mar 5, 2017


I think we all understand that it is the Holy Spirit that has the ultimate influence on the life of a person, but in scriptures we find many verses that speak of the importance of our testimony as believers. All too often we hear of people saying that we have to be like the world to reach the world. That is about as absurd as a sick person being healed by simply being around another sick person. Ridiculous!

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 27:7 that
" Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend." Let's take a moment to look at the influence of some folks in history.

Robert Moffat, the great missionary to Africa, had gone forward in a church service at the tender young age of four. An unnamed man knelt with him there at the altar as young " Robbie" prayed. Although most of the church thought it absurd to pray with a child, we celebrate the willingness of this man to follow the Lord. As a teenager, Robert saw a poster announcing a missionary meeting. He attended the meeting and afterward spoke with Rev. William Roby, who recommended him to the London Missionary Society. At age 21, he went to Africa.

David Livingstone, the famous missionary and explorer, was born in Scotland, worked at a cotton mill as a child, and studied medicine through his late teens and early twenties. He then went to train with the London Missionary Society and later went to Africa as a medical missionary being influenced by the work of Robert Moffat.

While in Africa, David Livingston, who had not been heard from in a while, became the target of a search sponsored by the New York Herald. A reporter named Henry Morton Stanley had been dispatched to find and report on Livingstone's condition.

Henry Morton Stanley was originally named
" John Rowlands". He was born out of wedlock and grew
up being tossed from place to place. Around the age of eighteen he went to New Orleans where a merchant named " Henry Hope Stanley" befriended him. John later would take on the first and last name of his new friend. The now, young Henry Stanley, would pursue journalism and offered himself to the search for David Livingstone.

This array of historical events and excitement is no accident. This is what happens when we are willing to let God use us for His glory. Whether a four year old boy or the man willing to kneel with him, a child with no stable family, or a young man with a desire to explore, God has a plan for each of us. Would you consider what it is that you can do for God's glory?