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Anniversary Sunday

Posted by  Secretary  Dec 4, 2016

Anniversary Sunday
Why do we celebrate an anniversary for the church? An anniversary is a day in which we think back and remember the beginning of something, whether it be of a marriage, a country, or even a church.

Heaven's View Baptist Church was started the first Sunday in December of 2005. Those early days were exciting days! The church met in a livingroom of a rented house on Carousel Drive in Arizona City. The people of the church knew God was going to do something special so in turn they just kept meeting, praying, and inviting their neighbors.

At just over the two year mark, the church moved two streets over to another house on Lobo Drive. This house was provided rent-free for the church to use for the next four years. God was using people from our community and from across the country for His glory.

In October of 2011, the church was finally able to meet on it's own property for the first time. What a day that was! Today the church still meets at the same address but in a larger building. God has been so good to us. May He receive the Glory!