If someone were to ask you at this moment, "Where are your children at?" Could you give an immediate answer? Could you give an absolute answer? More than likely, the answer would be in relation to a geographical location such as "at a friends house" or "at the mail."

In the tenth chapter of Mark, verses 13 and 14, God's Word records for us the events that transpired when children were brought to Christ for His touch on their lives. What follows is quite shocking, those that delivered the children were rebuked for their involvement. The fourteenth verse begins with the word "But." This means that what happens next is opposite of what took in verse 13.

"But when Jesus saw it, He was much displeased and said unto them, "Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God." Mark 10:14

We find that Jesus "was much displeased" at their behavior and His response should be taken to heart by each of us. First, we find that there must be those that are willing to bring them to Christ. Second, we find that it is very important for children to come to Christ, in fact, just as important as for anyone else. Next we see that there should be not road blocks in their way to discourage them. And lastly, we see that unless we take on the likeness of a child and come to Christ by faith, we shall not enter the kingdom of God.

So today, would you give thought as to where you children are at? Are you responsible for bringing them to Christ or are you guilty of hindering Christ's touch on their lives? With God's help, let's determine to know where our chidren are at spiritually!

May God Bless,

Pastor Darrell Roe