Often the term revival is given to a meeting in hopes of getting people to attend. Sometimes it is used out of habit because of a church's tradition of scheduling. But what really is a revival meeting?

The word revival can be simply defined as a "return to" or "a recovery of life." In other words, it is not giving life, it is restoring the ability to enjoy life: re-animating or re-energizing, if you will.

Spiritual revival cannot come to the unsaved. When a person is dead in their trespasses and sin, there is no life to be restored. But, once a person by faith trusts Christ as their Savior, they are made alive (Ephesians 2:1). So why do we need revival if we are already spiritually alive?

As we discussed earlier, revival is the recovery of life and the ability to enjoy that life. As a child of God, we have been give a new life with new desires and new goals. Living in a sin sick world, we are subject to the temptations and toils of our suroundings. This can have very heavy consequences on our spiritual health. Our Bible reading can start to fall off, our prayer life becomes weak, even our church attendance may suffer. Our reaction to difficulty begins to resemble that of lost people. We can even get to a place where we no longer enjoy the very salvation that was provided for us at Calvary. These are all symptoms of our need for revival.

As we go forward year to year, we will no doubt schedule revival meetings, but you don't need to wait on a meeting to have revival. Would you, today, be willing to ask God to reveal to you the areas of your life that are spiritually lifeless? Also, would you be willing to take those needs to the altar and trade them for a revival in your life? Revival doesn't start with a church, revival starts in the heart of the believer.

May God Bless,
Pastor Darrell Roe