If this question were to be asked of our nations leaders or of the most prestigious educators of our day, how do you think they would answer? If you were to poll a group of parents and grandparents from across our land, you would probably be shocked at the number of opinions give in response. With our homes across America in trouble and families being torn apart, with the average school teacher unable to control their classroom, what are we missing?

Surely, by now, the greatest scientific, medical, and psychological minds have figured it out! Truth be told, the answer has been available to us all along. The greatest resource for parents and government was produced long before the trouble began. It is the Bible!

In Exodus, chapter 20, we have recorded for us what is commonly known as the Ten Commandments. The first four have to do with our behavior towards God. The very first commandment that we are given to help us live among men is in verse twelve, "Honor they father and thy mother..." This is repeated again in the New Testament in the sixth chapter and second verse of Ephesians. It even records for us a promise from God that we will "live long on the earth" if we obey this law. Amazing!

The very first thing that God says should be in place in our home is honour for the parents. Do you children know this, are you teaching them this promise? Are you, as adults, keeping this commandment towards your parents? We never outgrow the obligation of honour.

May God Bless,

Pastor Darrell Roe