As we make our way through 2020, the church has adopted the theme of "Setting Things in Order." From the very opening passages of scripture to the prophecy of our coming Saviour, we find God's divine order for our life.

From studying, to organizing the classrooms, to planning the lesson, even cleaning the buildings are all part of setting things in order. By setting no goals or having no vision, the church is sure to accomplish very little for the Lord. God Himself set things in order from the very beginning. Without apply God's word to our lives and ministry, we are sure to end up with things out of order.

Just as creation took place in an order that allowed life to be sustained, so was the ability for God's creation to reporduce itself for generations to come. Plants are equipped with seeds of their like kind, animals are given the ability and instinct of order to reporduce, and man was given a woman to be his helpmeet and partner in marriage after which God said it was "very good."

Because of industry, carelessness, and neglect, our air and water have been polluted to the point of endangering our lives and the lives of our children. In the same way, man's polluted ideas of marriage and relationships are endangering the very existence of future generations.

God's order of all things must be honored "in order" for us to have God's blessings. Setting things in order in the church starts with setting things in order in the home.

May God Bless You,
Pastor Darrell Roe