It seems recently, that there has been an increase in the teaching that a person can simply speak the name of Jesus and they are somehow miraculously promised a home in heaven. The Bible does teach that salvation comes by faith and not of works, Ephesians 2:8-9. However, there is one key element that is missing when people only use words and have no change in their desires or lifestyle. That element is repentance. Repentance is being led by the Holy Spirit to rid oneself of sin in their life, Acts 20:21.

Repentance is necessary for salvation because when a person realizes that they are a sinner, and that no sin can enter into the presence of God, that person then repents of their sin and asks the Lord to save them. This, in turn, makes them a new creature in Christ, ll Corinthians 5:17.

Repentance is also necessary for the believer to stay in close fellowship with God, the Father. As the Holy Spirit lives within each child of God, He continues to work on the heart of the saved to put aside every sin and weight of this world that prevents us from living our life to the full glory of God.

The next time you hear a public figure, such as a sports star, musician, or politician speak the name of God, don't instantly put your trust in their faith 1Timothy 5:22. Stand back and watch their life, see if their words are backed up by their life. Without repentance, they have no power to change because the blood of Christ has not been applied. If you have not trusted Christ as your personal Savior, or if you struggle to walk as a new creature in Christ, please ask God to forgive you and ask Him to change you into an image of His Glory.

Saved to Serve,
Pastor Darrell Roe