This weekend is a very profitable time of year for those that sell greeting cards and chocolate. It is estimated that nearly $20 billion will be spent on Valentine's Day this year with an average of nearly $150.00 per person. Wow!

Although that number may be exteme to most, I do think that husbands and wives (and those to be) should have some type of celebration for their commitment. You already know the Bible has much to say about your relationships and marriage, so this year, how about finding a passage that the two of you read together and spend some time applying the truth to your life.

One such passage that could be a great help to marriage is Proverbs Chapter 5. It begins with the introduction of wisdom and understanding, and concludes with the consequences for those who do not allow themselves to be taught. One of the simplest ways to grow and strengthen any area of our life, including relationships, is to apply the principles of scripture.

This passage contains warning of things to avoid and blessings to look for in marriage. It gives instruction for our behavior, and reveals danger that lurks to destory our family. What a wonderful passage to consider on this Valentine's weekend.

Whether this is the passage you read together, or another, find something from God's wonderful love story that the two of you learn and life by.

Happy Valentine's Day,
Pastor Darrell Roe