Each day that passes we have more strife and conflict around the world. Even within our own country, we are reminded of the heartbreak that is caused by those who would choose to try and take our freedom from us. It is said that freedom cannot be taken, it can only be given up.

Each year in the month of May, we set aside a national holiday who memorialize those who died defending our freedom. These men and women
once stood as a defense against those who wanted to destroy the United States of America. These individuals left their homes, their families, and their country to travel to unfamiliar lands, to fight against people they had never met, so that you and I could enjoy things they may never know.

In todays society, some people often voice their opposition to the idea of war and protest our involvement in lands that are not are own. Scripture often references war and even compares the Christian life to spiritual warfare. Luke 14:31 tells us that it is much better to fight on foreign soil than within the borders of our own land. The cost is much greater when we allow the enemy to occupy our land.

This Memorial Day weekend will you make a point to thank the families of those who died for our freedom; and if you know a veteran, would you please tell them that you are grateful for their service; and if you have a loved one that is currently serving, let them know that freedom is still worth fighting for. America may be changing, but she is still the greatest country on earth.

To all who have fallen, Thank You for our freedom.

Saved to Serve,
Pastor Darrell Roe