The Bible tells us in the book of Exodus about a generation of people that God delivered from bondage in Egypt to a land that had been promised them on the other side of the Jordon River. In Chapter 16, we have the recorded account of the children of Isreal soon after starting their forty year journey through the wilderness. This trip would require obedience as well as faith.

Under God's authority, Moses told the people how the LORD would provide manna from Heaven for their nourishment every morning. They were to gather just enough for that one day and trust the LORD for the next day. The only exception was in preparation for the Sabbath. Because God rested upon the seventh day of creation, there would be no manna on the Sabbath Day. As a result, the children of Isreal were allowed to gather enough on the sixth day to sustain them throught he seventh. Chapter 16:24 says, "And they laid it up..."

Later in verse 33, of the same chapter, we find Moses telling Aaron to lay up some manna in a pot to be kept as a testimony to future generations. It is interesting to note that some manna was laid up for immediate use, while another portion of the manna was laid up to be seen of others in the future.
"But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal."
Matthew 6:20.

This month during our mission conference, each of us will have an opportunity to "lay up" some treasures in Heaven. Let's determine to be obedient to the Lord and by faith do more than ever before.

Pastor Darrell Roe