This is an exciting time of year. People are hurrying about decorating, shopping, and planning family get togethers. For many, this time of year can become very stressful. Let's look at a few things that may help us find peace this Christmas season.

First of all we must remember what we are celebrating, the birth of our Saviour, Christ Jesus. The origins of the word Christmas come from the phrase "Christ Mass." We are certainly not catholic and are not condoning the practice of "mass," but we would do well to remember the birth of Christ this Christmas.

Second, if you are in the habit of gift exchange, don't forget to empasie the greatest gift ever given. God gave His Son, Jesus, to die for our sin on Calvary! Take time to make sure everyone knows how to trust Christ as their Saviour. Salvation is the gfit that last for eternity and was paid in full on the cross.

Finally, as you gather with your family and friends, remember that many other people will not have the same privilege. If you know someone that is lonely or discouraged this time of year, invite that over or visit with them and share God's love. Maybe a few things for their family or a prepared meal will be the turning point in their life.

However you spend Christmas, determine to keep Christ in Christmas!

Saved to Serve,
Pastor Darrell Roe