Do you ever feel that the whole world is against you? Have you ever gotten the feeling like chicken little, that the sky is falling? Without a doubt, the pressure and aggravation we go through can have an influence on our outlook and attitude.

In Psam 69, David starts off by crying to the Lord, "Save me." What follows in the next twelve verses gives an indication to his situation and the surrounding conditions. We find that there are those that hate him without cause, he says that he has become a stranger even to this family, and just like you and I, he cries out that he can't do this on his own.

The thirteenth verse starts off with the word, "But." The story is about to change. David says his prayer is unto the Lord. In his prayer we see him asking God to heal and deliver him. He reminds us in verse nineteen that God kows our reproach and shame. We are remined that all things are before the eyes of God. David concludes by singing unto the Lord with praise and thanksgiving. What is it that changed the attitude of David midway through this Psalm?

It is revealed back in verse thirteen. Even in David's despair, he looks to the Lord for an answer. With t e continual slide of our society away from Godliness we must remember to have the mindset of David and not jump to hasty decisions like the fictional character of chicken little. When you feel like the sky is falling down on top of you, before reacting carlessly, simply look up. What you will discover is that God is still on the throne, and that He is still in control. It may just be that God is working in our life that through the difficulty, we will be victorious for "His Name's Sake." (Psalm 106:8)

Saved to Serve,
Pastor Darrell Roe