Often people speak of Heaven in terms that have no scriptural backing. We must remember that all we know of Heaven we learn from the Bible. All other teaching, regardless of it's popularity, if not founded on the scriptures, is fraudulent. One of the areas that often laced with confusion is the question, "who will be there?"

In the thirteenth chapter of Matthew, we find several parables that speak of the kingdom of Heaven. Knowing that a parable is an allegorical story cast along side of truth, we can learn much from studying passages such as this. First of all we find in verses 24-27, there is an enemy that tries to sow deceit into the minds of the servant in hopes of hindering the harvest. Next in verses 28-29, we see the owner of the field allowing the wheat and tares to grow toether so not to destroy the root of the good seed. Lastly, in verse 30, we find the tares being gathered together and burned while the wheat is harvested and put in the safety of the barn.

In this parable we can understand that the gospel (the good seed) is being spread over the land, but the enemy (Satan) tries to destroy the work and hinder Christians from growing and spiritually maturing. We can also learn that we need to be on watch for the enemy, because he will come when we are distracted. The most blessed part of this lesson is that even though we can't stop all of Satan's attacks, God is watching and in the end will sort out the harvest from the weeds.

Where are you today? Have you trusted Christ as your Savior so that He can gather you to be with Him for eternity? John 14:1-3 tells us that Jesus is coming to get His own and to take them to a placed prepared where we will be together with Him forever. The only other option for eternity is the Lake of Fire. Through Crhist's death, burial, and resurrection, He made a way of escape and wants you to be saved. Would you consider today making Heaven your eternal home?

Saved to Serve,
Pastor Darrell Roe