Way too often, people have an inaccurate, preconceived notion of missions. They have the idea that the preacher is going to stare them down and, by guilt, force them to give more of their money to the church. This is entirely the opposite approach to missions that we find in the Bible.

In the third chapter of the book of Colossians, we find that we are to set our affection on things above. We then are reminded that those that have trusted Christ as Saviour are to put off the old man and put on the new. Everything we do should be done in the name of our Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God. The chapter concludes with the promise that the Lord Himself will reward us with an eternal inheritance for our obedience. The last words of the chapter are"...and there is no respect of persons."

Due to the current pandemic, many church meetings have been cancelled which includes previously scheduled conferences. Some of those meetings and conferences were specifically to provide for missionaries and their needs.

As pastor of this church, I only want God's best for you and your family. The generosity of this church family is always encouraging to me and so many others. I will never know what you have purposed in your heart, but I do know that "God loveth a cheerful giver." (1 Corinthians 9:7) During this time let's determine to be faithful to our missions commitment so that people around the world can hear of the One who died for them.

My pastor, Ralph Benfield, once said "Our potential is God's expectation for our life." When we obey God, there is nothing to feel guilty about. However, there is an excitement in watching what God is doing.

Saved to Serve,
Pastor Darrell Roe