Over the past 50 years, the number of American children living in a home without their father has doubled. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 24 million U.S. children live in single parent homes. That is a staggering 1 out of 3. These numbers obviously reveal a growing problem in our homes.

With the divorce rate now affecting over 50% of all marriages, an alarming number of children being born out of wedlock, and the same-sex agenda being more publicized and accepted, America is on a self-destructive course.

For years we have put too much trust in government to sustain and restore our homes. Although I believe in the idea of democracy, and I truly do love this country, government can never replace godliness. Many times our programs have done more to hinder our families than to help them. Without a doubt, most of the intentions were good, most of the people were caring and loving in nature, and their effort was honorable. But, without the light of scripture and the empowering of the Holy Spirit, man's best efforts are doomed.

God Himself has His eye on each situation. He knows what is best, and He has the power to change things for His glory. When reading the Bible, we find that God teaches us, God blesses us, God provides for us, and God protects us. God will also withhold from us things that will stunt our spiritual growth. If you have trusted Christ as your Savior, then you have the privilege to call unto your Heavenly Father for advise on how to lead your home for His glory. Amen!

Saved to serve,
Pastor Darrell Roe