This time of year is highly anticipated by some while others enter every Spring with dread and fear. The reason being: it's tax season. Many folks will be receiving a refund check and will use it for catching up on bills, buying new furniture or maybe a down payment on a house. Others will be gathering receipts, checking their books, and notifying their accountant in preparation for making tax payment.

Regardless of which category you fall into, Christians should be excited. Because of our obedience to scripture regarding the tithe, we receive a donation receipt from the church. Whether a person uses this gift amount in itemizing or not, we still see a total amount that was given. In one quick glance this simple receipt can be used to check our faithfulness in regard to our income. Not only that, but we see how much God has blessed us over the past year. Many times a person receives their year end giving report and is surprised at just how much they were able to give.

It is truly exciting to know that we can never out give God. The Bible records God's promise of blessing upon the faithful. Let's determine this year to live by faith and in years to come we will look back and be truly amazed at what God chose to do through us.

Thank you for your faithfulness!

Saved to Serve,

Pastor Darrell Roe