"A Christian Home"

O give us homes built firm upon the Savior,
Where Christ is head and counselllor and guide;
Where every child is taught His love and favor
And give his heart to Christ, the crucified:
How sweet to know that tho his footsteps waver
His faithful Lord is walkiing by his side!

O give us homes with godly fathers, mothers,
Who always place their hope and trust in Him;
Whose tender patience turnoil never bothers,
Whose calm and courage trouble cannot dim;
A home where each finds joy in serving others,
And love still shines tho day be dark and grim.

O give us homes where Christ is Lord and Master;
The Bible read, the precious hymns still sung;
Where prayer comes first in peace or in disaster;
And praise is natural speech to every tongue;
Where mountain move before a faith that's vaster;
And Christ sufficient is for old and young.

O Lord, our God, our homes are Thine forever!
We trust to Thee their problems, toil and care;
Their bonds of love no enemy can sever
If Thou art always Lord and Master there:
Be Thou our guest, our hearts and homes to share.

Words by: Barbara Hart
Arranged by: Jean Sibelius