Dear Friends,

There is no doubt that we live in the most blessed country in the world. We enjoy the availability of academic education, vocational training, and freedoms that most countries only dream about. With all these blessings before us, you would think that we would take more responsibility. Instead, many people choose to live as if there is no end to their resources.

As Christians, we have a duty to be a testimony of Christ in our life. This means that with blessings come responsibilities. We must always consider the future of those we come in contact with. In God's divine plan, He brings people and events into our lives to show us our need of a Savior. Upon our receiving Christ, we then can be used of the Lord to bring others to Christ as well. What a marvelous and magnificent plan. The way we live our lives, the company we keep, and the care we take with our resources can all be seen by others as the significance of Christ in our hearts.

Let's be sure to tell others about Christ and keep our testimony without blemish. If Christ will be seen by those that are lost, He must be seen in the lives of us that are saved. Let's be good stewards of the salvatlon of Christ our Lord.

Saved to Serve,
Pastor Darrell Roe